How To Pay

Payments Accepted

As far as payment methods are considered, we accept a number of secure payment methods, customers can pay to us through any of the payment methods mentioned below:-

Western Union: Western Union Money Transfer, a very famous and secure money transfer method is accepted by us. Our customer who desire to pay us through this method can transfer payment to us by using WU. To pay us through WU, after placing your order, go to your nearest WU franchise, make the payment there and confirm us the MTCN. After receiving the payment we will process your order.

Western Union Payment Instructions

If you want to make a Western Union Online payment using your credit or debit card,, then visit Western Union official website Here and click send money follow the steps and make your payments.

The easiest way to make Western Union payment is to take your money and make the payment at a close by Western Union Store.

When you are done with payment, you will be sent a Western Union confirmation mail.
Forward the mail to us: Email: or through text using our phone number.
Your order will be processed and shipped as soon as payment is confirmed after which you will be sent a valid tracking number.
You can contact us for help at any time. +1 (937) 875-9596
NB: When you place an order, a reply is sent instantly to your mail containing the informations you need to complete payment.

Gift Cards

It is very easy and fast to make payment using Gift cards.

Firstly, you will to buy a gift cards which has to be equivalent to the amount of your purchase. After that you will have to scratch the code found on the gift card you purchased and then take a complete picture of the gift card and send it to our financial department here: or through text here: +1 (937) 875-9596.

Once your gift card is received and confirmed by us, your product is being shipped immediately and a valid tracking number is sent to you.

Thanks for choosing Global Health Medshop.

Payments with Credit Cards

We accept payments via Western Union or Money Gram only using credit card. We don’t accept PayPal anymore, that we were doing in the past but now we are not able to use PayPal anymore.(Some of the products we deals in are highly banned, so credit card and bank wire will not be the safe & secure for both of buyer and seller. For these type of orders, Western Union and Money Gram are most safe and secure payment methods).

If you want to pay using your Credit Card, yes you can pay for your order using your credit card.

Cick here to pay us with your credit card via Western Union

Click here to pay us with your credit card via Money Gram

NB: After your order is placed, the receiver’s informations is automatically sent to your email address and phone number.


Bit Coins are also accepted by us, if you want to pay us through Bit Coins, please contact us or go through your order process and get our bitcoin address at the end of the checkout process, we will send you our Bit Coin address, you will send us payment to that address and we will ship your order. Pay us using this address:



You can buy Bitcoin with credit card, cash, bank wire transfer, sepa, and much more.

  1. Go to (click) and create your personal wallet. Use a valid email address!
  2. Now you have to choose an exchanger. Each exchanger offers different payment methods: offers multiple payment methods and even cash to bitcoin accepts credit cards and bank wire transfer accepts credit cards and bank wire transfer (UK) accepts SEPA
     accepts SEPA lets you search for an ATM to buy bitcoin
    Some exchangers will ask for verification of your data.
    You can use your real identity because we are using a bitcoin mixing service.
  3. As soon as you bought your bitcoin you can send them from the exchanger to your blockchain wallet by clicking “request”,  and then copying the bitcoin address by clicking on “copy”.


Now you can place your order in our shop.Select your products, enter your address information and select “Bitcoin” as payment.
After which, you will see our bitcoin address (generated for every order) and the amount you have to send.
Do not send the amount in $ or € !!!
Copy and paste the amount (BTC) and bitcoin address shown in the order process into your blockchain wallet and click send.
Once you have sent the Bitcoin your order is paid.